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SCITECH (Shanghai) Commercial Management Co., Ltd is founded in Shanghai, China in January 2016 . It is invested and owned by Tibet Urban Development and Investment Limited Company, Zall Holdings Co., Ltd., and SCITECH (Shanghai) Business Investment Management Co., Ltd. This joint venture company has strong financial operation and fund raising capability, a wide range of resources on various aspects and an excellent working team.

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  • Shareholders of SCITEC (Shanghai) Commercial Investment Management Ltd. are the elites in this industry, engaging in commercial real estate and retailing for many years. The company develops with the influence of the shareholders and their advantageous position in the industry. It also integrates industry resources to commercial real estate development and asset management as the company's investment direction. To promote partners’ development to success, it provides technical supports including investment estimation, project planning and developing and positioning design.

  • Tibet Urban Development Investment Ltd. is listed in Shanghai Stock Market. Currently its main business are the real estate development and construction. The company has six subsidiaries, namely Shanghai Northern Urban Development Investment Co. , Shanghai Northern Guangfulin Properties Ltd. , Quanzhou City Shangshi Properties Ltd. , Tibet Guoneng Mining Development Ltd. , Tibet Wangsheng Investment Ltd. and Shaanxi State New Material Ltd..

  • Zall Holdings Ltd. is one of the top 500 Chinese companies and its total assets is nearly 40billion RMB. It owns six major industrial sectors including Zall Development Group, China Infrastructure Port Group, Zall Cotton Group, Zall Culture and Travel Group, Zall Aviation Group, Zall Media Group. It currently has two listed companies, Zall Development, China Infrastructure Port, meanwhile it is the second largest shareholder of the A-share listed company Han Commercial Group. In 2014 the brand "Zall" was identified as China's well-known trademark.

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